Mul-T-Lock Euro Single Cylinder & TURN 70 SC

Mul-T-Lock Single Euro Cylinder & Turn –

Satin Chrome Finnish

Mul-T-Lock Single Euro Cylinder & Turn, used in different models of Euro mortise locks, also available with Cogwheel cam used in Mul-T-Lock 4-way security locks. Mul-T-Lock quality of architectural cylinders offers a range of security solutions for any project requirement.

Euro Profile Cylinder Cams

Euro Cylinder Fixed Cam, Euro Cylinder Emergency Cam, Euro Cylinder CogWheel Cam, Euro Cylinder Floating / Lazy Cam

Product brochure

Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder

The Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder is the most advanced solution in the world of cylinders, offering quality standard, patent and key restrictions.

Most of our products are made out of high quality solid brass featuring a long lasting chrome plating giving them an appealing appearance; all these features ensure maximum durability and resistance to corrosion.

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