OBD2 Extension Cable 60cm Molex 2×6

BITLOCK New Version of OBDII Extension Cable 60cm, now available with a 3A fuse and Molex 2×6

OBDII Cable features: Small diameter and flexible design to support simple and quick installation in any vehicle.
OBD2 low profile connection design for tight spots, and easy fitting to any vehicle includes commercial application.

Flexible & Slim Male OBDII to Male 2×6 Molex connection – 60cm with a safety fuse of 3A, for use with FMC130/ FMC125 or similar Teltonika devices.

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We now have an improved version of the same OBDII cable with added safety fuse 3A, on the same OBDII 60cm cable configuration.
The OBDII extension cable is used to connect Teltonika range of GPS matching tracking devices and for any vehicle quick and easy installation.

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