Mul-T-Lock CLASSIC OVAL 570 Cylinder – 2in1 Key System

Mul-T-Lock OVAL 570 Cylinder – with CLASSIC Key 2in1 System

Only available in, Satin Nickel Finish


Mul-T-Lock CLASSIC Key (Non-Restricted) – key profile #13, offers Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder, keyed with 2in1 Key system for a simple and quick key replacement.

*This cylinder includes 2 x Green keys and 2 x Yellow keys. (4 x Keys in total)

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Mul-T-Lock 2in1 key system

Designed by Mul-T-Lock to allow users to easily change their key combinations through a simple and speedy process.
The user insert and operates the cylinder with the next key in a sequence (Yellow key) of two different keys, the introduction of the Yellow key, mechanically cancel the previous Green key.


3in1 Key system

Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder

The Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder is the most advanced solution in the world of cylinders, offering quality standard, patent and key restrictions.

Most of our products are made out of high quality solid brass featuring a long lasting chrome plating giving them an appealing appearance; all these features ensure maximum durability and resistance to corrosion.

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