MATRIX ULTRA 396 key sets management system

Maximum key sets capacity management of 396 bins, operate 2x drawers in a single cabinet.
If needed, you can always add another extension unit. One master station can operate a limitless number of extension slave units, so you never run out of storage capacity



SKU: MATRIX-ULTRA-396 Category:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 115.1 X 145 X 70 CM
Weight: 200-500 kg, floor standing
Monitor Touch screen size: 17″ Panel/ HP pc
Self standing
Manual override: Included
Colour: Black & Silver
Power: Single power outlet (110-230v)
UPS included
Internet connection (for online mode)
Voice guidance
Real time alerts
Included: RFID reader, Biometric fingerprint reader
Optional: Video Camera,
Additional 18 different compartment size available.
Standard configuration of compartment size: 100 x 39 x 42mm. (100A size)


198 Keys, 396 Keys, 594 Keys, 792 Keys, 990 Keys, 1188 Keys, 1386 Keys


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