MTL800 ™CLIQ® Electromechanical Keys

MTL™CLIQ® Solutions
Manage access rights, enable and disable keys, and customize access schedules on-site or on-the-go with intuitive software. Based on the security requirements for each organization, CLIQ® offers several levels of access control management.

Uniqe Master Key System Capbilities MTL™CLIQ® offers organizations flexible access control management without compromising on security thanks to the combination of electronic and mechanical systems. By integrating MTL™CLIQ® with the MTL™800-based Master Key System, you gain a premium protection access control system that addresses the security needs of your organization as they evolve, while minimizing operational costs.


integrating MTL™CLIQ® with the MTL™800-based Master Key System

Remote Control From Your Mobile. CLIQ® system has a simple and cost-effective way for facility managers to administer mobile workers’ access control rights. It enables a mobile worker in any location to access entries by simply opening the CLIQ® Connect app on their mobile phone to transfer updated access permissions instantly to their programmable MTL™CLIQ® key.

The Bluetooth technology incorporated in the key enables you to transfer access rights, update schedules, and retrieve audit trails wirelessly anywhere and anytime, from an iOS or Android device. The key is paired with the CLIQ® Connect App and increases your security by allowing you to schedule short-term revalidations for keys. It also enables your employee to revalidate the key independently and with ease.

MTL800 ™CLIQ® Advanced access control

Transfer key access authorizations and track audit trail anytime and anywhere with Mul-T-Lock programming devices

  • Designed to enable key holders to update user keys
  • Authorization and time profile updates
  • Time synchronization
  • Audit trail retrieval capabilities
  • Re-occurring authorizations (re-validation)